Guys what do you think when a girl drunk calls you?

1. Would you automatically assume that she's interested in you?

2. Would you be annoyed or think it's cute?

3.Would you stay on the phone with her or call her back to see if she's okay?


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  • 1. If I know her from before then not necessarily

    2. Annoyed, most of the time, it depends on the person calling. Why would anyone enjoy this? It's just like this weird not real person calling you and telling you a bunch of extremities

    3. Neither


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  • 1. No. Chicks do stupid things all the time.

    2. Annoyed.

    3. Neither. I would hang up and not mention it to her, unless I really thought she liked me and I thought she would be a good sport about getting teased for it. That being said, you might come across as an alcoholic, and most men don't go for that. I definitely don't.


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