What do I do after I kissed him?

a guy kissed me last night. we did t right before he had to leave. so I couldn't ask him what his thoughts were, but we kissed for like 5 minutes or more. I rubbed his dick and he put his nad inside my shorts (on my butt) if he thought I was a bid kisser he would have stopped kissing me right?

should I add him on fb? should I talk to him?

i don't want anyhing serious but I would want a friends with benefits kind of thing.


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  • By not having the black belt at kissing, I don't think it will make a guy not wanting you. Even if you're the worst kisser, I would love to be the teacher. :)

    If you're that attracted to him, off course you should talk to him, and because you don't want something serious, it doesn't mater how you do it in the beginning. (internet, texting, phone calls, personally).

    To avoid a potential love drama, you have to give him the correct vibe, that you are looking only for some fun.

    Don't talk to much about personal things, and use talking just for small chats and scheduling meetings. Also be aware not to be yourself that is starting your love drama. It happens more on girls and that's why the friends with benefits doesn't usually last very long. But...there are so many boys out there, no need to keep it more than is needed.

    • @Also be aware not to be yourself that is starting your love drama.

      Its not clear.

      Are you saying that anyone woman or man, being genuine / yourself, in these situations, causes drama. or that she being herself a woman IS drama?

    • It's not about that, it's about her becoming emotionally attached/the one that falls in love without the guy feeling the same.

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  • Well your not going to become friends with benefits with him if you don't talk to him. So add him on Facebook.

    Start a conversation with him and ask if he wants to hang out. Then when you guys start to do "stuff" ask him the question - do you want to be friends with benefits? And he will say yes and there you go.


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  • Aren't you a little too fast to touch his you know what? Lol I think you should add him on FB since you've done things with him already. Just be careful with being on a friends with benefits kind of relationship, you might get too attached. It's going to be hard for you at the end.

  • Yes you should add him on fb. If you will not talk to him then how will you know that he wants friends with benefits relationship or not. You should talk to him and betwenn the convo yous hould ask him does he want friends with benefits relationship or not...

  • Just add and talk to him on fb.