I never had a date... Am I too weird or what?

So I know that I am not the only human being on the planet that never had a date at 17 years old.

I am also aware that it is frequently ask question and that my little insecurity is nothing compared to others.

Although I am just curious why I never had a date or why no one ever flirted with me.

I am 5 foot tall, in good shape and asian, (many says I look Korean or Japanese).I would say I dress well, I am complimented a lot on my clothing. I am in college in the art program, so sometimes I dressed like a hipster and I hang out with artistic people.

. I have a French accent when I speak English, I admit that I am a shy person and that it is not easy to get to know me. Most importantly, I am not stupid, I am honest, calm, and I am always nice with people.

In the halls, I always noticed that guys give a quick glance at me and sometimes hear "this Asian is cute" when they passed by me...

I never flirted,dated or kissed someone before.

I don't understand why it never occurred. Are guys intimidated by me or just have no interest?

So guys and girls, what do you think?


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  • After your description I can only say on thing: Will you marry me ? Off course we will go on a date first.

    Because a lot of guys these days are pussyes and are afraid to talk to a girls even if they find them attractive.

    Another thing that might count a little, is because you're Asian. Because of their culture, Asian peoples are usually overly polite and more shy. Because of that, some boys may think that is harder to get to you, and that you may be boring, weird.

    Try to be a bit more outgoing, act just a little bit slutty, give a fun vibe. Try to have fun yourself in everything you do. Also if you like a guy, just go for it. Its nothing wrong with that.

    Next time when guys pass near you and you hear them saying that you're cute, go back after them and tell to that guy something like this "Dude, if you think I'm cute why haven't you told me that, try to know me/take me out. You're such a pussy" :)

    You're only 17, you have plenty of time to go on dates. Don't worry.


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  • I think it's your shyness that is keeping you from dating anyone. I never really dated anyone either and that's because I was to shy to make a move.

    I have been reading this book called "Beyond Shyness - how to conquer social anxieties" and it has helped me out a lot. I recommend you get it. There is also a lot of great advice on YouTube about how to gain confidence and become less shy.

    Just this year I have changed so much. more people are attracted to me now and I may get a girlfriend soon.

    so become an expert on how to have great conversations and be open with people and you will build up friendships and get a boy friend. ;)

  • Some people don't even date until after high school nothing wrong with you its completely normal also actual artists are not hipsters and do not dress like them trust me.

  • yes, you're weird if you haven't had a date yet at 17


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  • No I'm 19 & never had a date but I could have

  • You're not the only person who hasn't been on a date or anything by 17, so don't beat yourself up over it. It sounds like you might be a little unapproachable. The only way to get attention is to generally out yourself out there more. Smiling and flirting actually makes a big difference!

    • Coule you be more specific for unapproachable?

      Tanks for answerring:-)

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    • You are absolutely right, thank you so much for you'r answer. It really helped me.

    • You're so welcome, I'm glad I could help! Good luck!