Boyfriend doesn't kiss me only in certain situations?

He will only kiss me after we get back together sometimes a peck but it throws off my whole mood and ruins the rest of my day. I'm not perfect but I know I'm not ugly and nothing to be ashamed of But when we do get back together its like he can't live without me and kisses me insanely and I pull away b.c it tickles. I told him he is a good kisser it just tickles b.c of his beard. I know its nothing to do with race either I'm mixed he's white. Any who I will not give him any pleasure until he gives me some we've been through this and I'm putting my f$%kin foot down no more head etc. Once I'm tired I'm tired I will pull away and he will notice and then he will talk. He is not a terrible terrible b.f its just that sometimes he doesn't give me what I need so I'm saying screw it and I'm going to take away what he loves from me the most pleasure. Am I right to do so?


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  • gee this is a tough one. OK let me put it to you this way purchased

    Despite him he calls he won't give you what you want not giving him what he wants is just want to make things worse, however your goal should be to make him give you what you want and you can use what he wants as leverage and threaten to take it away from him unless he changes. every thing will work out nicely and no more giving head


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  • Have you ever tried talking to him about this?