Ladies, do you think there is a girl out there who would date me, where could I meet her?

So I'm not successful with women, I'm not the party type so I have to rely on meeting girls at uni which doesn't work probably because I'm not very handsome I have dark blonde hair and blue eyes, I'm 6'4 at 230lbs I'm muscular I do a lot of sporte to lose my fat but it is there.

Do you think there is a girl out there who would be willing to give me a shot without feeling like she has to settle for me or date me out of pity and where would be a good place for me to meet women?


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  • You really doubt yourself and you shouldn't. You do sound handsome by the way haha and don't worry about your weight. Girls don't like sticks. Besides that I say just wait and the right girl will find you. Everything happens for a reason so f someone doesn't work out, someone else is meant to be. Just wait it out a little, be yourself and a lucky girl will find you. Chao! Hope I helped

    • Hey thanks! I hope I will meet my first girlfriend someday. Being alone sucks :(

What Guys Said 1

  • Absolutely, use a app called "tinder" you can find loads of girls that way

    • I don't feel like this would work for me since I would be in competition with all the good looking guys

    • You're going to be in competition anyways, give it a shot. You're 6'3 that's a huge advantage right there.