Date went well, but he's not longer initiating contact

This guy connected with me through a dating app and then we exchanged numbers to make plans to meet up. He text me first and we made tentative plans for the next week. He then text me a few days later just saying hi and we texted for a bit. He did the same again a couple of days after that. But no mention either time of our plans to meet. The day we're supposed to hang out I don't hear from him, so I reach out to confirm plans. The date goes well and he brings up us seeing each other again during the date. I get a text from him about an hour after the date saying he had a good time and he hopes we can do it again soon, maybe the following week. I agreed. 4 days go by and I don't hear from him so I reached out just to see how his week was going. He responded right away and kept the conversation going for a bit. But again no mention of seeing each other again and he hasn't reached out at all (it's been a couple of days). Is he interested? I'm getting confused by the mixed signals. Should I reach out agai or just leave it to him?


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  • My suggestion would be perhaps for you to initiate the next meeting. Some guys are a little more timid when it comes to setting up dates. It doesn't necessarily mean that he is not interested with you. I think you should come up with a plan to meet him again and bring it to his attention. What's the worse that can happen? Either he will not agree to it or he will agree to it. If he doesn't want to meet up again, then perhaps he's just not interested. Good luck!

    • the era has changed... women should pursue men, instead of the other way around.. because ultimately they choose who they ultimately want to be with

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  • I can so identify with what you're going through. As hard as it is to just sit there, wait and do nothing, just leave the ball in his court. He knows your interested, so leave it up to him so you won't invest too much too quickly. I've been going through this now for 4 months, I've stopped initiating.

    • And has that helped? Do they initiate when you back off, or do they just disappear?

  • I think he is interested, but doesn't want to seem too eager. I say wait for him to make plans for the next date.

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