Anyone here from India? What are the dating norms?

I am of Indian origin but I live in the U.S. I am familiar with how things work here and know of the traditional culture of India.

However, I know that some young people do date there... especially celebrities but I don't think it as common either as people with strong family values... who are more traditional still don't have gf/bfs and wait until marriage. How true is this?

I ask because I was visiting India with my family a few years ago and ran into this girl. she showed interest but I just had so many things going on that I did not reciprocate it. I shall be going to India again soon and there is 99% chance that I shall be seeing her again at this wedding. I know she is not married yet but she is attractive and good looking and I can imagine her having some love-interest at some point... I am just curious whether or how frequently young adults act on it.

It can be said that she comes from a "good family".Her older sister is actually married to one of my first cousins that is why I know I will see her since I am going to see that side of my family.


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  • Always curry and tandoori masala for dinner.

    • Tandoor is pretty damn tasty.

      I don't eat "curry" powder ( you don't have to have it in Indian food)... but that thing has crazy health benefits. Much better than a all-pasta, burger, mash potato or a grabage all-salad diet. Indian food is known to be very well balanced in nutrition... provided they don't put a lot of butter or other fattening things in it.

      And your response was useless to me.

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