Does the amount of text msgs received equate to how much emotion is felt?

Do any of you believe that your partner shows how much they care/give a damn about you by how many text messages they send to you?

I'm not saying texting constitutes a whole but does it constitute a big part of you feeling stable in that they care enough about you?

What if they didn't reply to you or make contact with you for days? Would it annoy you? Would it give you reason to think they cared less about you than you did about them?

Think this one'll be interesting :)


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  • It would mean something if the texting was coming from a girlfriend. If she stopped or slowed down it would mean something... like she's angry or thinking of breaking up with me. Tell me that's not true... I dare you.

    If the texting is coming from a boyfriend and he stopped or slowed down, it doesn't mean anything. He got busier at work or you know... your relationship just got more mature; it can't stay in that puppy love phase forever where both of you are texting every hour. But no, it doesn't mean anything if a guy stops or slows his texting.


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  • Yes..I mean why wouldn't you wanna keep in touch with the person you love. It would annoy me a great deal.