Where do I go to find what I am looking for?

I have a couple of questions I would like other people's input on. I am currently living in my hometown again, I moved away after high school, moved to atl, for three years while I was going to college...last year I had to move back in with my parents because my ex-fiancee and I split...long story will try not to get into it.

Like I said, I moved back almost a year ago, I am living with my cousin and two friends now, which is great because we have all be great friends since we were children. I love living here with my close friends, the only thing is I can't find women that are interested in me.

I lost touch with almost everyone I went to school with whenever I moved simply because I just never seen any of them, I do have them on Facebook, but we all know that doesn't mean anything lol. My cousin pulls girls like no one's business, however, all the chicks in this small town seem to only see me as a friend.

But the main thing I don't like right now, is the fact that I don't really have anywhere to go to meet women my age. I mean there are a few bars in my town, but it's always just older people sitting around drinking. I honestly do not know where I can go to meet new people.

It's been almost a year since my ex and I split, and I am starting to feel like getting involved with someone again finally. I miss having someone to care for, to hold, and to make them smile.

I was thinking about contacting one of the girls I went to high school with asking if they would set me up with one of their friends lol. I just think that would come off as weird though. Do you guys/girls think that would get me laughed at? If not how should I introduce the subject?

also, if you have any ideas on how I could find new people. There are a couple of girls I see at different places, where they work, but I don't see them outside of where they work. I have thought about trying to get a date with one of them, but I don't imagine that would be a simple task see as they are working.

I am a bigger guy, I thought I should add that. I know I am, but it doesn't bother me a whole lot, I mean I have those days where I am down on myself, but for the most part whenever I am talking to girls, I don't act like it bothers me, which it doesn't. I started working out three times a week about a month ago and have seen good results already, so my body image right now doesn't matter to me because I am finally taking the steps to fix it again.

I only have one semester of college left for me to graduate. I always told myself that I would make my body the body of my dreams whenever I finished college. So I started last month to reach that goal.


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  • I would suggest you get an OKCupid account, www.okcupid.com. It's a great free dating site. I met my wife there. Widen your geographic circle and I suspect you'll find a gal shortly. Good luck!!