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Text a girl after not chatting to her for a while that I was sort of seeing but decided nothing would happen cos loads of stuff had happened but that we did have feelings for each other ...

Text was pretty non committal and didn't require an answer but sort of compliments her in a cool backhanded way...

She replies one word pretty much straight awayish ... Ha!x

What's it mean


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  • Being you both were "sort of seeing one another" and Stopped chit chatting After awhile, when you went to text her for Not "laughs and giggle," but to Butter her buns to most likely get her to Commit to at least "friends," she thought it was funny, honey, cos she thought you were a------Joke.

    I say this in this sense, that she is not taking you seriously now, and unless you are getting More from her since the Ha-ha-, not sure where it is going to go, much less if it will even fly with her.xx

    • I see a x" on the end of this Ha, but unless she is texting back with her own"laughs and giggles," she is still holding a grudge in her own way.xx

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  • she's probably annoyed that you haven't texted her in a while... how long has it been since you've texted her?

  • Maybe she just wanted to quickly acknowledge that she got your text.


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