How can guys say all girls just want money when I see girls dating guys with no jobs?

I know that gold diggers do exist. They're even giving one girl a reality show.

But then I'll see situations where the guy is literally living off of the girl. I have seen situations where the guy was not paying rent and they were living together and such and seen plenty of questions even on here where the boyfriend has no job at all and does nothing all day. What keeps girls with such guys anyway?


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  • true,turns out that now there are more girls who are dating guys who are less educated than them,female breadwinners are on the rise,hell-my own brother gets girls to pay for his drinks and smokes,he even rented his hoodie to some desperate chick (I don't know man,it's creepy). it's really just guys being whiny,i never see girls going around whining about it,they just admit that they were played and move on,the guys however hate women and blame girls for them being dumb enough to give them money. meh,whatever.


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  • Because people tend to have a lot of difficulty thinking about tendencies vs rules.

    Because people are focused on money rather then the root characteristic it represents.

    Because people misinterpret interest in high status males as gold digging when they are different things.

  • Because some guys are whiny douche bags who want to blame everyone for their lack of success with girls, except themselves.

    They would sooner claim all girls are gold digging asexual lesbian feminist man-haters, rather than admit there is the tinyist possibility that their being single is their own fault.

    "What keeps girls with such guys anyway?"

    He's giving her something that she needs. A good relationship perhaps, great sex, support and comfort and a sense of security. You just don't know.