Dating a divorced guy with a daughter?

I have been dating a guy who is divorced and has a daughter. We have been going out for 7 months and the daughter knows about me and has meet me. The daughter and I get along very good. But when the daughter is with the mother and she calls the father to see what he did for the day he does say anything about me. He will just respond oh not much when in fact I'm sitting there and we both went to the gym. When the ex wife calls to talk about the daughter if I ask him a question (not knowing he is on the phone) he tells me in a panic to keep quiet.

I guess I don't get why he isn't happy to tell the truth or tries to keep me quiet but it's starting to hurt. I've told him that it does and it still happens. Why is he doing this?

Also, when he is around the ex wife and I don't know (so I'm texting him carrying on the conversation) he won't get back to me. He stops texting me until he leaves her presence but when he is with me he will text the ex.
the ex knows about me and knowing that i wanted to meet her so she knew who would be in her daughters life. I've been respecting her and her daughter when at my boyfriends house when they aren't around.


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  • It's probably because the ex would probably be hurt to know there is another woman in her daughters life. That's a big deal and a bridge to cross carefully, once she finds out she will likely want to meet you and make sure you are someone she is okay with her daughter being around.

    • she knows about me but refuses to accept it.. she is the one that wanted the divorce and i have been the most hidden thing in her life.

    • In that case maybe she/he still have feelings and it's not completely over. I wouldn't think it would cause a fight if she already knows. Not sure what else to it could be. I think you already think that too, or you wouldn't be asking your question.

  • Probably to avoid a pointless fight and argument.


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