Do girls like possessive or non-possessive guys?

i think this is the question that really perplex me.

i think possessiveness come across as needy, but then if the girl likes the guy then she should love his possessiveness, right? the guy she likes is loving her back, isn't that what girls want? cause if she likes a guy and he is non-possessive then she would start thinking he doesn't care all that much and maybe seeing someone else and get all upset but then starts to want him even more because she wants what she can't have but then if you want her back and act possessive she start losing interest because now she has you.

see what I mean what I say I am perplexed?

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  • girls like non-possessive
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* see what I mean WHEN I say I am perplexed?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Somewhere in the middle, if you can.

    Possessiveness / clinginess can be really off-putting.

    On the other hand, indifference / non-possessiveness just feels cold, like you don't care.

    In this situation a balance of the two is ideal. I suppose if I had to choose between the two, I would prefer him to be more possessive than not. At least that shows that he cares...


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  • There's something really unsettling to me about the idea of dating a possessive guy. Personally, I have no interest in getting involved with someone who's clingy/controlling.

    I'd rather a guy show me he cares in other, more mature ways, like by being a good-listener, supporting me, making me laugh, making me feel safe, calling me, etc.

  • i think it's different for every girl. some don't like the possessiveness and clingy and all that.
    but me, i love when a guy is possessive and clingy. it makes me feel wanted!

  • There is a thing called too much possessiveness and too little possessiveness. There needs to be a middle ground. One of my exes was so possessive it was annoying.


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