Confused--should I text the guy after 3 dates?

So i have gone on three dates with this guy and he was planning a bunch of future dates and texting me about how fun he had after each date and how much he liked me. (Side note: he is interviewing for a job across the country, which i knew from our first date, so its nbd). We talked a few sundays ago after our third date and he asked for to hang out the next Thursday adn said he was planning something. Then I didn't hear from him, so i texted him wed night and he texted me back Thursday morning that he couldnt hang out casue of work and the interview he had the next week. I know he is stressed about potentially moving and did have that big interview coming up, but that was 2 weeks ago and I haven't heard from him since. Would it be weird if i texted him or should i leave it alone? he was way into the relationship 2 weeks ago and then all of the sudden fell off the face of the earth.


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  • I agree, you should send him a sweet text like that, so if he isn't interested, you can play it off like you were just being nice. I would prepare yourself for a negative reply, though. This kind of thing happens to me all the time, where a guy will say he's having a great time and talk about future plans, then just vanish. I'll never understand it, but it happens a lot. I still think you should text him, what the other person suggested though, at least that way you'll get some closure. Good luck!!! :)

  • I would probably text "hey hope everything is good with you :) " but I can't take a hint and see that not hearing from a guy usually means he couldn't care less or he is at least too busy to think of me which also means he's not that interested.

    But you could do that. If he doesn't reply or replies something short and sweet to be polite, he's not interested.