Why doesn't this guy I like ever text me?

I gave this guy my number and told him to contact me next time he wants to hangout.

We talk in person almost every day, but why hasn't he texted me? I would text him first, but I dont have his number


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  • He's probably just being friendly when he talks to you in person. If he liked you he would text you... Sorry.

    • Don't be sorry. That's what I figured. I just wish he didn't say that we will. I hate being lied to.

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    • He is being extremely wimpy and shy, it's annoying. I' shy too (hence why the hanging out still hasn't worked). Great idea! I totally will do that! Thank you :)

    • You're welcome! If he's that shy, it's a different story. He will probably be relieved if you make a move. And if not, at least you're done with the whole does he like me, does he not thing, and you can find someone who balances out your tendency to be shy :)

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  • Maybe you have been friendzoned.