What is your Tinder experience?

What has been your experience if you have used tinder in the past?

Who always initiates? I have had this app for 3 days now and I have had 10 actual people (or so i think) match up for me. They were all cute (lucky me), unfortunately none of them even said hi. I asked a girl a question about her picture and she only responded with a one liner so its pretty difficult to follow up on it so I didn't even bother after telling her thanks and i will go visit that spot. The other 3 girls I sent a message to never got back to me.


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  • Personally I've never used it but I have a friend who met her boyfriend on there.

    I have another friend who met up with a guy and had sex with him and his friend in the same night...

    So there are some people who might find a relationship and others who hook up.

    There is this www.buzzfeed.com/.../10-true-tinder-stories-that-will-make-you-want-to-fall-in-lo
    Which I thought was pretty funny and has some other people's experiences.

    • Well since I had a lot of free time I was able to use it for quite a while, honestly I don't think it is worth it anymore like many of the people on buzzfeed said. Probably going to uninstall since its easier to talk to women in real life :)

    • Well if you feel that way then that's definitely your best bet:) if you've got that confidence I am sure you will have no issues!

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  • First time using tinder, I met my (now ex) boyfriend and we were together for half a year. He was the best relationship I ever had and turns out he only lived 10 minutes away! Unfortunately my next go at tinder resulted in an assault. So honestly, you never know what you're going to get. Just be safe about it.


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