Im so confused i dont know what to do.. anyone with good advice?

So I've been on 5 dates with a guy, he doesn't live in my town but he comes time to time for buisness. Things were so great , last time we met was on Valentine's day, and he has slept over 2 times and we have had sex.
But the week after Valentine's day he began being weird he didn't contact me , i know its cause he had an exam so i contacted him to see if things were ok and it was he was so nice etc, and days after he liked my pic on fcb, he contacted me things were ok.
Than this last Sunday i contacted him via snapchat and we talked a little, and on Monday 2 days ago i again wrote him cause i wanted to know if he was interested in meeting me when he comes end of mars, and he said yes i want to meet you and he gave me what dates, and than he said im staying a bit longer so we can hang. sleep well!

Yesterday he gets a new girl on Facebook and she is on his snapchat list now so i automatically freak out, so i snapped him good morning and he didn't reply.

Am i crazy? why would he say yes to meet me if he didn't want to meet me?


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  • Yes, you are crazy. He wants to meet you. He said as much. That doesn't mean that he has any expectation of being exclusive with you. Nor should you of him. Nor does this mean he's having sex with this girl. It's JUST Facebook .

    • So him saying yes means he's? And I'm analyzing it?

    • He wants to see you, he is interested in you. You are looking at unrelated and unimportant evidence to support the idea he is not interested. Stop doing that.

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  • I think you're letting yourself get attached way too fast; you've already committed yourself to him subconsciously, and he had no obligations to you.

  • Maybe he is seeing someone else that he has greater interest in. You should be asking him why he didn't fulfill his word. Or better yet, forget him since he hurt you.

    • he hasn't done anything bad yet..

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    • Oh. i gotcha. I think you need to chill out until someone gives you legit reasons to feel negative about something. For tught now, its all in your head.

    • Correction "right"

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