Why is Asian girls and White guys dating so common?

Its common enough to be noticed.

Is it just a huge cowincidence or are there complex factors/reasons behind it?


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  • It is? I wish I could... Not many Asian girls in Ireland though. It's just preference I guess, I don't blame guys for dating Asian girls although some of them don't do it for the best of reasons... many of them think Asian women are more like traditional housewives and date them based on that stereotype which I think is stupid. I'd date Asian girls because i'm attracted to them, I wouldn't expect them to become a housewife and attend to all my 'needs' like some guys seem to think.


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  • Probably cause they are petite and this era sees petite as beauty in addition to Asian women being more submissive and docile + maybe the p*rn industry is dominating everyone's minds

  • 1.) They are cute.
    2.) What's more important: in Asian cultures women tend to be more obedient and are unlikely to argue with their man unless it's something extremely important. They are also less likely to point at mistakes guy is making, more likely to swallow their pride in situations where white woman would go mental, less likely to annoy men about some small crap etc. Significantly less bitchy, so to say.

  • Complex. It's a political power thing.
    It's politically incorrect to say this but everyone knows the white man's living a good life right now. Also men are more risk-taking. Therefore if you're white and a man, your chances of success are pretty good.

    If Asians were the dominant etnicities socioeconomically I can bet my ass you'll be seeing more Asian guys with white girls. Like Genghis Khan and his plethora of interracial descendants.

  • I think Asian girls generally like a light skin and extra height and white men generally like petite women.
    That's a whole lot of generalization but yeah, I think the two geoups match a lot.

  • White girls are going to go nuts (in a bad way) over this answer, but it's the truth.

    And by the way I'm an Asian MAN. So if I were being insincere, I could just bash white guys for being 'racist' or whatever. But I'm going to give the truth, since truth is what I value.

    First off, let me say, there is some prejudice in their attitudes, but actually we all suffer from and we all benefit from prejudice. When a guy approaches you, he's prejudging that you have a fairly nice personality. Society couldn't fucntion without prejudice.

    Here's why it's common, anyway. Two reasons basically. Reason one: looks. Many guys prefer the petite girls. Asians are often petite. Generally, Asians age more slowly: all guys like that. Asians have less of a problem with the overweight and obesity.

    Second reason: personality. Asian women are more likely to have the traditional feminine personality, which men find attractive. This is for two reasons. First, feminism made much less of an impact on Asian communities than on white communities or even black communities. Second (and woo, this is controversial but true): Asians have less testosterone, making them less masculine and more feminine. This goes for guys too by the way, which kinda sucks for me, LOL.

    So, there's your answer.

    White women have their advantages though: for example they're much more physically diverse than Asians . But I'm going to be honest here: despite the huge impact of feminism on white women, most white women don't like the idea that they have to prove themselves in order to be successful with the opposite sex, just as men traditionally had to do and continue to have to do. You can have as high standards as you want, but you have to be delivering. Acting like Sleeping Beauty and waiting for Prince Charming just doesn't cut it in the year 2014. I don't think there's anything wrong with white women in general that couldn't be fixed by just trying a little bit.

    • I fully agree with this. BUT!
      I've never dated a Asian ~ so is it really that common?

  • Because white guys are attracted to Asian women physically. A lot of men have also gone overseas and met Asian women that weren't raised under the idea that men are the enemy, and want to enslave and strip women of their rights.

    Asian men on the other hand are seen as the least attractive race by most white women. Possibly do in part to their height. White women typically see Asian men as being controlling and unloving do to cultural differences between white and Asian culture.

    • Oh god, where the hell do you men find the crazy ass bitches you bitch about? IM A WOMAN and I have yet to associate myself with them.

    • Where do I find them? All over the place. The very idea behind feminism is that women have to fight against men, because men are oppressors of women. Few women actually understand the reasons for the differences in the past was to protect women. Most women didn't even want the right to vote, because without gender roles they could have been drafted into the army. Yet they twist history to make men look like we were almost enslaving women. This mistrust of men now runs deep.

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