Would you tell the guy to shave off his hair instead of covering the bald with strips of hair?

Let's say you're on a date and the guy is cute but his balding. You would notice the bald spot because he's trying to cover it with few strands of hair. It looked ridiculous. The guy is really nice and cute. So... i told him he should shave off his head coz it would look better on him. Then he responded that he was told to do that by his friends/relatives too. He agreed to shave off his head.

Girls, would you do the same thing? Guys, would you be offended?


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  • I think saying that can be really offensive. How would you feel if you hair was thinning and a guy told you on a date you would look better with a wig?

    • this was how it exactly happened, i was talking about giving my mom a make over by coloring her hair differently and giving her highlights and it looked better. Then he said oh u love to give makeovers, I then replied yes I love making people look better and if I do you I'd shave off your head coz I think you'll look much better and younger. He then said that his friends/relatives think the same. But you definitely made a point, I should've been more sensitive :)

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  • If I was dating someone who I felt the need to tell that, I would phrase it as something like "You would look really hot with a shaved head." or something along those lines. Same results, but less of a backhanded compliment in my opinion.

    • Yeah but I think a guy could pick up on that hint and still may not like it. He may like keeping the hair he has left.