Were just "Dating" 'but she went to Vegas solo?

So I've been seeing this girl for around 2 1/2 months. Things have gotten a little more serious in the past few weeks, we spend a lot of time together. But she went to vegas the other weekend. Showed me a lot of pictures said she didn't do anything with any guys but said all her friends did. But there was a lot of pictures of her with a guy. And I was walking by her at her desk and her phone got a text and it said "So did you go home with **** lmaoooo" insert guy name.
She made a point to tell me she didn't do anything and I never look through peoples phones especially after my last relationship but that was just bad timing. Should I just leave it alone or ask her? I don't want to complicate things.


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  • If after two plus months of dating me, a woman decides to go to Vegas, hang with a guy and take pictures with him, I would, upon hearing the details, I would question her trustworthiness.

    Consider, also, the text message inquiring about how her night concluded with the guy, which suggests that she may have shown signs of being attracted to the and interacting with him as such.

    • Personally, I would count my losses.

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    • She made out with another guy, therefore, she is not to be trusted, in my opinion. Case closed.

    • Yeah but I told her to go there as if she was single, because were not sure if we want to be exclusive yet. I don't know why its bothering me, it just is.

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  • Hmmm... since you have already asked her once and she said no, you don't wana ask her again and complicate things more. It would be better to just let it go. If your see any weird signs or weird text messages, you can bring it up and see what she says. Also if its really really bothering you, it's not a bad idea to communicate with her how you feel. But in my opinion, just leave it for now.

    • yeah I mean I don't think anything is continuing with who ever that is. And I did tell her to go there as if she was single since were only dating I guess. In both my past relationships I've been cheated on, so I'm a little cautious. But I def don't want to complicate things especially if it was just a fling in vegas.

    • It's never a bad idea to be cautious but just try to keep the balance.

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  • She more than likely hooked up in Vegas. While if you're not exclusive, you should be informed if she's having sexual partners (assuming you're having sex with her) - you don't want any random diseases.

    She's obviously not being upfront with you, time to move on.

  • she loves gambling i guess