He's talking to other people, but ignoring me! Why is this?

Ok if you read my last question which is "He says i'm his "best friend" but yet he won't tell me what's going on in his life? Why is that?" Then you'll know what i'm talking about. I noticed more and more how much he is really engaging with other girls and people in general on Facebook and Instagram. He's even added some of my friends, and he doesn't even know them. I am pretty sure if I texted him he would respond, but the last time I texted him he gave me short responses, but he did reply to my text like within seconds, but he seems very distant and vague with me.

My mom commented on one of his posts and he responded to her, and was kinda having a conversation with her, but yet through texting he was very short and seemed disinterested with me.

He hasn't texted me since. But he's engaging with other people, and it to me seems personal. Just recently he posted something that was relationship oriented, I can't exactly remember, but basically he was saying "if a relationship fails, you try to fix it" So I don't know if that is towards me or what? Also like I said I don't know if he thinks I have a boyfriend and that's why he's acting aloof with me? It's so weird how a month ago, he was saying how much he loves me, how much I am his best friend, how he wants to marry me, and I stupidly said to my guy friend that I am dating someone, and I really had a date on Valentine's Day and he acts like this? He's acting as if I am such a horrible person! Like I said if he was acting like this with everyone then I wouldn't take it personal, but it just seems to be only me he's not engaging or talking to. What do you think it is? Do you really think it's because of his jealousy? or something else? Please answer! Thank you!


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  • 1. Anxiety, fear and insecurity about self is the answer
    2. Yes he likes you but he is testing waters to check if you 'depend' on him as much as he assumes (or 'fears') he will on you
    3. These are classic signs of what's described in points 1 & 2
    4. His attempt to 'befriend' your circle is to 'anchor' you owing to his fears and insecurity of depending on you and in case you dump him or leave him high & dry
    5. It's not only a juvenile notion but a game even if being played unwittingly (generally it's not very 'unwitting')
    5. He's not only watching your reaction about how desperate you get but also ensuring certain things like social support within your circle
    6. Try responding by befriending those in his circle (lol) he'll respond for sure but unsure which way it will go :)


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  • Have you met this guy in real life, or was it an internet relationship? If it started as an internet relationship did the disinterest start shortly after meeting?

    • No I have known this guy through mutual friends, like a year ago. We started to become really close like only a couple of months of knowing each other, but no I never met him on the internet.

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