How to bring it up that I would date her?

So was out the other night with a female friend and a cowoker saw us at the bar and thought she was my gf ( dont have one by the way ) cuz I usually seen out alone I told him know but now it has me thinking what if I dont know if she has a bf and I rather bring it up in a way that she does not think I have feelings for her was thinking of telling her about the situation with my co worker and then bring it up like I told him no we are not togather but like say something like but as an open minded person I would actually date her any answes are greatly appreciated


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  • Before bringing up that you would like to date her, you should probably spend more time getting to know her, start flirting, and see whether she could potentially view you as more than a friend as well. After a few weeks of that, you could bring up the situation with your coworker and almost jokingly ask your female friend what she would think of you two being together.


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