does she stil wants to hang out? need help?

okay so i know this girl
and we know eachother for about 4 years now
last week i asked her to meet up again this Saturday
she said sure i asked her what she wanted to do
she replied i dont know
we agreed to go to my place
but everytime i ask what she wanted to do she says i dont know
and a few days later after i asked her
she said i dont know if i want to come
and yesterday is said do you like it better if we meet up again at your place she saw the message but didn't replied
i am thinking now just forget it but she is also one of my best friends
i just dont know what to do


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  • There is nothing wrong with keeping her as a friend.

    She either isn't looking for a relationship, or is to lazy to think of things to do.

    Keep the friendship. Anything else would be asking for trouble.