Guy dating someone younger than his own children?

I hang out with a group of people periodically. Just recently, one of the guys in the group, in his 40s, 'supposedly' started dating a girl in her younger 20s (also in the group). I say supposedly because it has not been confirmed (by confirmed but it's the word on the street.

The rumor started when the guy posted on his Facebook that he was in a relationship two days after the event. After seeing them flirting constantly at the social, we all put two and two together.

Anyway, the point of this question/rant/concern/etc. is the fact that he has 4 children from his previous marriage which ended less than a year ago. His kids live in another state. His oldest daughter is in her mid-20s (he had her when he was 15). He's now dating a girl who is a few years younger than his daughter...

I understand we fall in love with people for all kinds of reasons, despite age, color, religion, etc. but does it concern anyone else that he would date someone around his own daughters age? Imagine if they ended making something of the relationship and had kids? To me, that's kind of unsettling. I really don't know why but it just is to me.

What are your guy's thoughts?


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  • That it is gross and unsettling. Why would anyone want to date someone their children's age? Then they'd have nothing in common either.


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  • All I have to say is... what a double standard. If a woman did this, she would be STONED!


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  • I don't see a problem with it. My dad married a woman much younger than himself. She was almost as young as my older sister. They are still happy together after 20 years.