If a girl asks you to go to a party with her.. does she like you?

I understand this girl I met online and have been talking to for awhile now does like me, but i still get insecure at times about her feelings lol.

Anyway today she called me up and asked me to go with her to a house party. from what i understand it's a lot of drinking and fun and etc etc, and she knows nobody there but the host.

is it safe to assume i'm her date or something? is her asking me to go with her implying she's interested?

thank you

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should i ask her if it's a date?


Most Helpful Girl

  • No, sweetie, don't over think it, just go with flow of things for now.
    Yes, I would assume that being she Did ask you to escort her to a party with no one there she knows but the hosts of all hosts, she probably Does consider you a date, maybe even a potential partner. Many times people Go online to meet the man or woman of their dreams. Apparently, you are in the running.
    No, don't mention anything. Just let it go, and while you are in each other's company, that would be a great time to really start getting acquainted for perhaps---future dates.
    And.. you're welcome.. Have fun. xx


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What Girls Said 1

  • I don't know if she necessarily likes you (she probably does), but she's definitely interested in you on some level, or else she wouldn't have invited you out in the first place.

    I'd guess that she also really trusts and feels comfortable with you, since she's taking you to a party where she only knows like one person.

    She'll probably cling to you the whole time, and you guys will have fun just letting loose together.

    • Thanks for the fast response.

      so the insecure side of me caved in and i texted her "i'm like your date right?" and she goes "umm sure" and then i ask "uh is something wrong?" and she goes "no"

      lol i'm confused. by the way she's always a short texted, i just dont get her surprise aka "umm" part lol

    • Haha yeah, "umm" can be pretty ambiguous. Maybe you just caught her off-guard, and she just didn't want to admit to asking you out on a date.

      Or maybe she doesn't like you -- I don't know. Just focus on going with the flow and having fun until you guys get to really know each other (and each other's intentions) more!

    • Don't over think this.. just go with the flow, and see where it winds up.. xx

What Guys Said 1

  • If she asked you to a party, it's a good sign. She enjoys being around you and obviously wants to spend time with you at a social event. You might want to ask her though. Just be like "hey, is this a uh-date?" She may decline or may not even answer (lie) but at least you'll kind of know where she's's coming from

    • Also, if she doesn't have any guy friends, she may have asked you because she likes you that or she's just looking for a friend

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    • awesome, but that doesn't answer my question/reply. my original one to your original answer

    • We won't know. We don't know her or you

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