What do guys like in a girl to be datable?

there's not really any details. Just what do guys like in girls to be considered "Datable"?


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  • He needs to find her physically attractive, but that doesn't mean she needs to be a supermodel or anything. This is more of a pass-fail test, and the bar isn't as high as you'd think.

    What is often even MORE important, and what far too many girls ignore, is PERSONALITY. Guys want a girl who is generally happy, who is fun to be around, and who isn't easily offended by "normal guy behavior."

    They want a girl who they can trust to be loyal and faithful, and a girl who appreciates them and sexually desires them. A girl who can give a guy these things will often have a guy who will do almost anything to keep her happy.

    Common things that turn guys off would be girls who are:

    - depressed. This needs to be addressed on your own BEFORE you try to date.
    - angry. Calm down!
    - loud.
    - easily offended by everything, and takes everything as a personal attack.
    - insecure, causing him to be on the defensive at all times.
    - controlling. A relationship should be a TEAM, and decisions should be made TOGETHER.
    - disloyal/unfaithful. Never publicly criticize or fail to defend the "team."

    Notice that none of the things on this list have to do with looks, or clothes, or hairstyles? Those things aren't going to fix your relationship, and aren't likely to get you a new one. Having a good, attractive PERSONALITY will be much more valuable than a new outfit.

    Yes, being obese is a problem. 5 or 10 extra pounds is NOT obese, and aren't going to stop some guy from liking you if you are a cool chick. I'm not saying that you shouldn't pay any attention to your appearance, I'm saying to balance that with some focus and work on your personality too.


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  • To be datable, you only have to be attractive to the man, and give him clear signals you are interested in him. Dates are designed to help people get to know each other better, so other traits can be discovered while on a date.

  • For first impressions:


    A pretty smile
    A decent body
    Nicely dressed, but doesn't look high maintenance
    Confident and composed


    Excessive visible tattoos or piercings
    Garish makeup or hair color/style

    Keeping me interested:


    High intelligence
    A creative streak
    A compatible sense of humor
    Common sense
    Self sufficience/independence (things like being able to cook, fix things, etc)


    Wants kids

  • A great personality will get you so, so far. Many girls think they have great personalities, but most are mediocre.

    Be sweet, caring, kind, loving, honest. You don't have to be funny, charming, confident: those are masculine qualities.

  • She has to find me moderately attractive for starters.

  • shattered self esteem is a major turn off...


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  • for some reason. they really love confidence. You could be considered a 5 to them.. but if you walked in the room with all the confidence in the world, you just went up to a 8 or 9.
    and, if they consider you a 10... and then see your confidence is low... you go down to a 6/7.. so weird... I think it is more along the lines of... that girl has something going for her and I want in on it! versus, that girl has some problems in her life if she has a low self esteem.
    also, guys hate drama.. so a girl with confidence is likely to not have as much drama as one with none at all.

  • a nice personality
    pretty face
    average or nice body
    nice clothes
    lots of common interest
    similar intelligence to them
    Sharing values and political views
    Not being preppy
    Not being a prude
    Being Nice
    And Being direct

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