Am I overthinking or he is just not into me anymore?

It's a new thing we only know each other for about 20 days met 3 times and he also text me everyday in the morning and during the night however I did not hear from him for about 24 hours I texted him yesterday evening " hi how was your day" and no answer this morning also no text. ( I quickly assume he is not into me anymore ) what you guys think


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  • I think you are jumping the gun, it's only been 24 hours not a week or two but on the safe side I would not initiate contact. If and when he does dont answer back right away. It would make you look thirsty.

    • Agree that feels like I am jumping the gun. But is not weird that he changed his behavior from texting me every morning and in the evening for no text at all?

    • I think in the beginning both parties are texting constantly and it decreases once reality hits at lie goes on. For example.. I used to talk to thus guy till 3am everyday. Yeah, we got tired of that quick since we both worked in the morning and sleeping was a must. Don't worry he'll contact you once he starts missing all you guys did.

    • And life goes on***

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