Girl W/BF Texts me, Takes a while?

Hey GaskG,

Story short. I met this girl last year in math class at college. We made lots of eye contact, she purposely went out her way to catch up to me and talk twice. She had a boyfriend at the time, but still showed interest. Later found at one day she worked at my local pharmacy, she added me to Facebook the same day. I explained to her how when I asked her out and found out she had a boyfriend that I stayed away to respect her space and personal life/relationship.

Convo kind of died out, I hit her up a few months later, she was single and gave me her number. We were texting but she told me she was always busy and didn't text her again after she didn't respond.

SO - I got instagram two days ago, looked her up and added her. Found she had another boyfriend, I made a instagram video saying "I had a crush on this girl for 1 year to find out she has another boyfriend, FML."

She texts me hours later, saying "Ian?". I didn't know she kept my number, but she did. She's now slow again at texting, I asked her if she was still busy with work and school, she said honestly she was and never has down time.

I replied saying, Yeah, I remember how that goes, Congratulations though! You came across my mind" - No response 6 hours later. She didn't respond for a day, so I went out my way to send a 2nd text in a row cause I didn't last time. Again.. she does have a boyfriend. But I think we had a strong connection at the start when we first met?


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  • Hey, i think you were just waiting for the right time and there's no time like that..
    I wait hours for the right time to discuss things with my boyfriend and i never get to do that because he's always busy..
    So take the bull by the horn (or something like that but not literally)
    Busy or not she. still has time for IG and. Facebook so if she isn't giving you enough time or. replies it either means she's not interested or maybe. you need to try harder..
    You were friends with her before she broke up with her first boyfriend and you didn't make a move?

  • Maybe she was just flirting. I would ask her about her feelings, if you want. Although she seems to be busy usually. So I would try contacting her, but let her know that you want to talk to her and to just have her message you whenever she has a spare moment to chat.

    • Thanks for being open-minded and not just saying she's using me. I feel like she is attracted to me, it was crazy cause we have the same birthday and we found that out the day I went to the pharmacy she works at. She's saved my phone number all this time, I don't know what that means, but she remembers me well. I like your input and do appreciate it though. Been really over thinking it so I've been trying to get as much input on it.

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    • Wouldn't it be weird to ask her though about her relationship or no? I don't want to seem pushy or buggy. She moved an hour away from me, but she said she often visits her family back here where Im at so... I don't know. Anyways, she hasn't replied yet lol. just going to wait till tomorrow to say something perhaps. I don't want to string myself along tho

    • Well, I don't think. If you're friends. You could ask her about life, ask if she's in a relationship, etc. It could just be casual small talk. That's just my thoughts anyway. And yeah, I think just waiting would be a good idea, and if you don't hear anything back today, just message her tomorrow or something. If you feel like you're stringing yourself along then don't do it. Do what makes you feel comfortable.

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