Need advice about how to text a guy since I am new to texting?

I need advice about how to text a guy since I am new to texting. I texted a guy I like but it was a very short text message asking how he was doing? He responded and instead of making conversation I replied back saying that I was doing good and that it was great hearing from him. It has been about three weeks since I last texted him. I do not want to seem that I am not interested in him but I do not know how to start a conversation over the text without it being boring or awkward to the other person.

How do I achieve this without seeming weird or strange especially since the last text was short and not really a conversation? Is it possible that I can still recover from this mistake? Any advice or suggestions would be very helpful and appreciated.


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  • I have the exact same problem! Three week ago I texted a guy then we met on a party and we talked.. then I texted that it was nice meeting him.. and now I'm also too afraid to text again.. although I really like him :(

  • this is very interesting.. i'm looking forwards on suggestions as well :)