My best friend, a girl broke up with me after finding out that I love her. Please help?

I have known this all the time that falling in love is simply easy but falling out is simply awful. I fell for my close fried from two months and we had really great chemistry. She did showed interest in me but I never took it to that level of friendship. Bur seeing it was hurting me from inside I decided to tell her and it didn't ended well. Whenever her thought strikes me, I really feel that pain all over again. I try to be positive as much as I can but most of the time it just hurts and the emptiness is beyond description. It's been months now and no talk. I tried to wish her on her birthday but got no reply. I guess she still had my #. I thought she didn't coz she removed me from fb and other social network after that. I gave it a lot of thought and I realized how much I love her and that it's not an infatuation. IT's her last year in my university as she's graduating but I want to tell her how much I miss her in my life. I am afraid to text her or approach coz I don't want to upset her or anything. Guys/girls what could you have done in this situation or similar if you would have faced or experienced this. Trust me, I have tried all the tools they say to move on and I know it's not easy but I really need to do something to get over this feeling.

Let's say she shows some signs then what should I do? I saw her noticing me twice. She used to ignore me before.


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  • It sounds as your best buddy babe took everything to heart and---to extreme---as well, sweetie. Now she is running scared like some jacket rabbit who has been shot at.
    Now that several months have passed, and she Is looking in your direction, she May be waiting for you to text Again. Even if she didn't reciprocate to your Happy birthday greeting, who knows.. she may Now.
    Go ahead, send her a text. But make it lite and semi sweet, nothing overzealous. See what happens. After this, if nothing occurs, it's best to just let her come to you. But That could go either way.
    She obviously got cold duck feet and ruffled her feathers a bit when she had found out how Her best bud had felt. It caught her off guard. Whether she does Now or doesn't feel the same way is irrelevant... I think the most important thing Here Is, that a beautiful friendship was crushed because one of you told the other of a "crush" he had, and just by doing this, ruined a perfectly good buddy-buddy relationship.
    However, if you don't want to bother, would rather move on, then you need to start concentrating More on something or someone else, rather than on the Looks the Other half is Now suddenly sending your way. xx

    • This thing happened recently that after I saw her noticing me, few days after that I saw her at a public place. She was coming my way but before I could believe my eyes she first looked at me and smiled. I felt so happy but I didn't say anything and just smiled back. I didn't approached her either. She left from their after few minutes but I kept thinking about her and reason for smile after a long time. I hven't seen her since that day and even not in university but I was thinking to text her.

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    • Well what you said is right, and I know life goes on so I will keep trying to move on. But right now it hurts.

    • I know, but it's a lesson in life to have learned what mistakes not to make the next round. xx

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  • Well, just try and talk to her and stay in touch and pretend like you never told her that.


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  • It's over; there's no other way to say it, but you do not want to contact her. It's not fair for you. You deserve someone who will love you as much as you love her. It does suck because there is nothing that you can do to overcome it. Only time can heal you. You can try to keep busy doing other things and focus on you, but the lonely nights don't help. Take it one day at a time. Let your emotions out, and if you need to, cry or sing some sappy love songs. Eventually, one day, she won't matter to you anymore.

  • No! No no no no no no! Hell no! Whatever you do, do not, I repeat DO NOT, contact her again. Ever. Move on. I know it's not easy. I've been there. I've made the same mistakes you described. Believe me, I know what it feels like. That's why you must not contact her. Leave it up to her to get in touch with you.

    Now, the absolute best way to get over her is to get under some other chick. Multiple chicks. As many as it takes until you can't remember her name and forget what she looks like. There's other attractive women out there that will make you feel the same things you feel for this broad. But the sooner you get back into things, the quicker you'll get over her. Find yourself some nice rebound women.

  • It's not happening.

    If she decided she wanted to be with you, she'd let you know.

    Let it go.

    • Well I ended up texting her day before yesterday and she replied. It was after 5 mnths we had a conversation. So i kept it casual. Then I didn't text her yesterday coz I was waiting for her to do so. So, I just sent her a simple good morning text today to which she replied this"She replied this-"Is there anything important you need to tell me? Coz I honestly don't think it's a good idea for you to talk to me. As I explained to you before, this is for your own good".

    • Well i am completely shattered right now and don't know how I am going to deal with this. I hvnt replied her yet and I dnt think I should coz whatver I say won't matter to her even if I ask her to just stay as friends. I feel so terrible now.:(

    • She's right. You shouldn't contact her ever.

      She's not the one.