is it normal for guys to talk less at a certain point?

when a guy and I first started talking we would send smiley faces and "lol" and joke around all the time, but now when we text it is not as descriptive or as cute. We've been talking since December and have gone on 2 dates (he just got back from the army) and now when we talk it's shorter and more to the point. i feel like a part of that is cause there isn't much to say and we're comfortable with each other so there's no need to impress each other or keep each other interested (to a certain extent) and we can see each other now, on the other hand i'm wondering if it's cause he isn't as into me anymore... he'll contact me first, like a check in almost, but how can I tell between him being uninterested and just not wanting to talk (cause I've heard guys aren't that big of talkers)?


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  • Yes, it's perfectly normal and the vast majority of guys (over 99%) will be like this.

    Basically, at the start, the guy tries to maintain the same level of communication as the girl does. But typically, this is way way more than he can sustain in the long term. Think of it like an unfit person sprinting next to a long distance runner who is merely loping along at a comfortable speed. You're the long distance runner. You can maintain a high level of communication for months. He can manage a few weeks at BEST and then he's going to have to slow down to a more manageable male level.

    Most girls with little experience think this is a sign that he is going off of her, and isn't in to he as much, or that he is thinking of breaking up with her or found someone new. It's more often than not, just the opposite.


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  • My instinct is that he's not as into you anymore.


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