Winning his heart and proving that my heart is ready to give?

I'm keeping this as simple and straight to the point as possible. So here it goes;

I've known my guy for 4 years now, and we've dated on and off throughout the years. Nothing has ever become of us because I've always been the one to run away, nonetheless, he has continued to pursue. I've never allowed a sexual relationship, and after two years and 6 months he became frustrated and we did not speak for a year. It hasn't been until recent (Summer 2013) that we've begun speaking again. I relocated away from home for 6 months and will be moving back home in 4 days. Crazy thing is, I'm just realizing that I am crazy about this guy. It sort of sucker punched me in the face. And every hint I've tried to drop fell on deaf ears because quite frankly, the poor guy is growing tired of the chase. The good news is, I still believe there's a glimmer of hope. Bad news... he has a job offer thousands of miles away from home that he's considering. And I don't want to lose him, again. I was honest about my feelings, although selfish, of not wanting him to leave... and leave me again. He seemed to take heed to my words but I do not believe it is enough to make him have a change of heart. So what limb do I go out on here? What will it take to prove myself in the right way that I'm worth it? He has a great job in the city... all that's missing is me. Thanks for any insight you can provide!


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  • A good way to show your worth it is ti follow him to this city.

    But with all the negative that has happened between you two. I feel you would be nuts to do it.


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