How do i ask this cute girl out?

Ok so i have HUGE crush on this girl at my school. She's a grade or two younger than me (i'm a Senior), she's cute, blonde, and she's a cheerleader. I don't really know much more than that about her, but i know i really wanna ask her out!

But here's my issues: I'm very shy, i have never dated anyone before, my heart POUNDS whenever i even see her, and i have never said a single word to her. I'm somewhat friends with one of her friends (i sit next to one of her friends in one of my classes and i talk with her friend from time to time during class, usually about school topics and music). Also, i see this girl every day at lunch, and she's always sitting at a table with all her cheerleading friends, so i never have a chance to talk to her alone.

Ok, so, long story short, given these details, how should a shy individual such as myself approach this girl? I also would really love to just go get coffee or something and just get to know each other before really dating.


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  • You could ask your mutual friend for help! The friend could plan hanging out with her to grab a coffee (maybe with some of her other friends too) and you can just tag along, and get the friend to introduce you to her. If it works, at least she knows who you are. Good luck!

    • That sounds brilliant! Should i let her friend know that i like this girl?

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    • Alright so maybe just say something like "Hey, you're friends with [girl's name], right? I really like her and i was wondering , if she's single, if you could introduce us?" Or something along those lines?

    • Yeah, that would be great! Anybody would be happy to help you in a situation like that :)

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  • PICK AN EVENT. No chick is ever "somebody's date to no-thing in nowhere". Pick a party. Ask if she wants to go with you.
    Suggested phrase: "Steve's birthday is this week. I'm going to Steve's pool party Tuesday night and I want you as my date for that. Wanna Go?"

    I swear to God I'm not setting you up for failure. She can't get a Clue if you don't tell her "Colnel Mustard, at Steves Party, on Tuesday".