Will he respect me more if I don't go home with him (even if we only make-out)?

I've learned that guys need the chase and almost always end contact if you sleep with them.

I'm sort of seeing this guy. I like him as a person and don't want to sleep with him (yet) or lose him.

Is it better that I just go home alone after going to the bar? Or does it even matter?

Thanks in advance :)

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  • He will respect you more if you go home with him and only make out
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  • If you want to be seen as valuable, generally speaking you should act as if you and your pussy is valuable. If it is easy to go home with you then that's fine if ur just having fun, but don't go crying if the guy later does not respect you up to your standards. if you have any questions or concerns about how the guy will treat you, then you shouldn't sleep with him at this time. you don't want to gamble with your pussy and your emotions. always be sure.

    if you owned a Ferrari would you let him drive it all day and HOPE he returned it in good condition? or would you allow him to borrow your credit card and TRUST that he didn't fuck up your credit? or would you hold off on that because you don't really know what he'd do? if you wouldn't let him use a big ticket item of yours, then u probably shouldn't have sex with him either

    and DO NOT go to a guy's house alone if you are not down to fuck. like if all u wanna do is make out, you are making a dumb decision by going home with him. lets just say he turned out to be a rapist and forced u to do more. how would you look sitting in the police station saying that you went home from the bar with him but had no intentions on sexing him

    • she's seeing him they didn't just meet. if she can't make out without having sex, how do thy work up to sex. do you just go from 0 to 100 ?

      as far as rape. if h rapes hr -forces sex- it dosnt matter what h was expecting. rape is forced sex. not forced sex under any circumstances. not forced sx only when you're not xpecting sex.

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  • Wow. these answers make this guy sound like some kind of animal.

    if you like him and he respects you, you guys should be able to make out without it being a calamity.

    if you can never be alone with him or light stuff, how are you ever going to be comfortable having sex with him. what are you supposed to do, see him in a restaurant for 6 months then suddenly have sex.

    if i thought a guy would lose interest or if we kiss, or rape me if im alone with him, i wouldn't be seeing him in the first place.

    you dont know 'guys' need the chase. all guys are different and he is not all guys. he's a particular guy.

    however your not ready to have sex, so absolutely do not. but if you want to make out i dont see a problem. if you se a problem, then i dont think hs agreat guyt.

    if he wanted to kiss you would you look down on him for it? why should h look down on you bc you ant to kiss him. thats ridiculous.

    but dont have sex bc your not ready. SERIOUSLY. if you decide not to, then dont.

    how long have you been seeing him?

    you can always tell him before going with him that you won't be having sex yet. so if he's uncomfortable with that, then you best go your separate ways for the night.

    though personally i wouldn't date a guy who couldnt handle making out without sex, bc as i mentioned how the hell do you work up to it?

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