Would or have you dated someone even if you often couldn't understand what they were saying?

I used to "talk" to a guy with a really thick country accent. Often I couldn't understand what he was saying and would ask him to repeat himself multiple times until I just kinda stopped and learned to read lips and listen for context cues lol. He was really cute and sweet though so I overlooked it. Would that be a dealbreaker for you?


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  • Nope. Maybe because I'm not very good at enunciating my words either, but I blame myself more than others when I cannot catch what they are saying. And then I try to bluff it up by repeating the gist of what I could manage to catch, which encourages them to repeat themselves again. ;) It's a great listening technique by the way , to bounce their own ideas back to themselves.

    Coincidentally the 2 girls that I had ever had a crush on, often times I couldn't catch what they said. My first crush speaks in a very low pitch, and is reserved in words. My second crush also cannot enunciate very well either, but she is very talkative.

    Whenever I meet them, for the first half hour conversation is awkward because we just met up and I can't catch what they said, and just doing my "bluff listening" technique. But after a while, I can hear them quite fine. I don't know if it's because our conversation got more animated (and thus louder), or because I got used to it.

    Anyway, not a dealbreaker. If you manage to end up getting attracted to him AND persist despite his enunciation issues, obviously it is not a dealbreaker for you. Nor me either. I didn't even consider it an issue until I read your question and was reminded of it.


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  • It would depend, in saying that i've never met many people I couldn't understand so long as they were speaking in English ...


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  • Sweetie, you are talking to the Number One "foreign fairy godmother" when it comes to "thick country accents.
    For the past four years, That is all I have dated, married, and even now, Am engaged to...:)
    Yes, it Is hard at times to make heads or tails out of some of the words coming out of their "cute and sweet" little mouths, but in time, when you are hooking up, you learn to yes----"listen for context clues."
    I also have found, for I have had a husband living in Egypt, and Now, I am engaged to another man in my area, who is from there as well, that the more we are together, and he is hearing my perfect dictation, the more he is better with his Own English , and things just get better with, not just our body language, but with his Own language, and foreign tongue.
    If two people really are Into one another, they always find a way to make the lines of communication work, and always find a way to help one another in keeping things from being a----"dealbreaker. xx

    • My guys whom I have been with are pretty good with most of the time clarity, but believe me, I have endured many, m whom you practically have to put an ear to their lips in order to catch context cues.:)) xx

    • The worse ones are the Chinese.. lol... I did business all the time with a Chinese lady with dry cleaning, mending, but somehow reading between the lines with one another, we had a great friendship and working relationship, I must SAY..:)) xx

  • I would try to understand him but I could only deal with that for so long

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