Should i keep texting him or stop?

My crush usually starts the conversations and keeps them going. Problem is he doesn't reply till hours or days later. He finally told me why and it s because i'm not like other girls, i send long stuff, so he has to think about what he has to say. Which apparantly takes 2-3 days, and last time, he took the same amount of time to say thank you to a compliment so I don't believe him.

I'm starting to think maybe I'm annoying him even though I don't bombard him with texts, and only text once when he texts.

I think he's only texting back since he's a nice guy and feels obligated to since he is the one who started texting me. I have no idea if I'm annoying him or not.

I don't even see him in real life, so obviously this is going nowhere, if this is all texting and no face-to face interaction.

Shoudl i keep texting him or no? And if no, how should I stop texting him nicely without him thinking im mad at him? I would feel bad saying I have to go every conversation..


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  • I think you should hold off initiating a conversation with him, but if he texts you, keeps the conversation going, and stuff like that, then of course you should text him back. Personally, I think you're probably just overthinking, which is completely normal, but just in case, I'd let him carry the conversation for a while!

  • I think if its possible you should spend more time with him in person. If that isn't possible, or if as you said its really going nowhere, you probably should stop texting him and move on.
    You can only get so much from texting so it either has to move forward or not work out. Be blunt with him and let him know, "I need something more than texts".


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  • I would just stop texting for a bit and see what happens. I think people today put way too much weight into texting. Meaning, I think people take it way to seriously. Sometimes I NEVER respond to text messages. Its not that I am trying to offend anyone, its just that I have things to DO. And I don't have time to sit and text out a whole conversation throughout the entire day. If both of you have interest in each other, than make time to have face time. I'm talking about going out and doing something fun together without having technology between you. If he asks are you upset with him because you're not texting, I would just tell him."I'm more of a face time type of person. I'm not interested in texting all of the time." You can even say that through text, and then leave it at that. He should be able to get the hint from saying that.

    You guys aren't going anywhere with texting all of the time. Someone has got to be smart and change the dynamics of the situation. People wonder why they can't get a date or sustain a relationship, but this is why! You can't have a relationship or start a relationship through texting. Change the dynamic, good luck.

  • No, don't text him anymore. He isn't interested in texting you like he used too.