Does he want a relationship or did he just want sex?

So I've bee dating this guy for a while, we get on really well and he always compliments me and tells me that he see's a future together with me. He's also told his friends about me and that he wants me to meet them some day. Anyway I went on a date with him the other night and we went for food, drinks, met up with one of his friends and then slept together for the first time. Everythigs was fine after but from past experience I always have a gut intinct that as soon as a sleep with someone I feel like they think they've "had" me and end up being more distant and not as interested. After that night we had we said we'd meet up when I Next get back up from my univeristy (college) and he said he'd try and spare some free time however I just felt he was more laid back about meeting up for the next time and didn't seem as keen. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, does he genuinely like me and want a relationship in the future? should I see how things go after a few more dates before I start getting worried?


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  • How long have you been dating? It's a good sign, regardless, that he invited you to one of his friends. I find that with boys, if they introduce you to and don't hide you from their friends or anything, then you're definitely on the right road with them. I'm assuming you want a relationship with him, so maybe don't sleep with him again for a while and hopefully he will stick around. It's hard to tell what he's in it for from just this information.


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  • Too soon to know either way. Get to know him better and spend more time and then you're have your answer. Don't judge to rush him

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