Is he into me or just being friendly?

This guy I'm REALLY into has been giving me "drum lessons" in music class ever since I've showed interest in his playing, and I'm wondering if he'd do that with just anyone or he's interested in getting to know me.
He seems nervous sometimes or rarely looks into my eyes, but he's extremely nice to me and does favors for me.
My friend says he's nice to everyone, but I feel like there may be something going on cus he always stares at me, just not for too long..
Guys, would you do this for just anyone if you weren't the least bit interested? Should I flirt with him more?


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  • Sweetie, it sounds as though this little "drummer boy" may want to make a little music together with you, as to why he is showing you his stuff, and doing the little Extras besides.
    Yes, go ahead and show not only some initiative on those skins, but a bit of your own, by getting More of his attention with every beat and every word.:)) xx


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  • It's too soon to tell, give it some time. Spend more time getting to know him and see what happenes