Should I be wanting more than friendship?

Okay, so I'm a 2nd year university student and have a girl friend who I knew from school but last year we started hanging out much more often mostly due to the fact that we had the same classes and we became really good friends.

The thing is though, I'm not quite sure if I just like her as a friend, she's really nice and she needs a good guy, she deserves a good guy, and I'm not idolizing myself but I think I may be that guy.
We chat a lot and spend time together alone at uni and laugh a lot, but I just don't know if that's the foundation for building on more.

Like I really don't think I could just start acting more flirty and touching her more, you know, that kind of stuff because it seems wrong to me.
At least three of my friends have told me she and I would be good together, so I don't know.

What do you think?


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  • I say just keep building on your friendship and don't feel like you have to push for more. Keep doing what you are doing, and if its the right time, something will happen between you and her. Don't feel like you have a set deadline, let the feelings take its course and go from there.

    Spending more time with her will help you guys get to know each other more and it should bring you guys closer. And if you both want it to be more, then go from there.


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