Can eye contact intensify relationship?

Hi guys, just wondering what your thoughts are on female eye contact.
I've been dating this guy for over 6 months and he gives me this stare and it
Makes me shy and I can't stare back!! If I taught myself to gaze back do u think our relationship will deepen? Or does that just happen in the movies.. I hate how awkward I get when he stares
At me :-(


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  • OMG IT MAKES IT MUCH MORE DEEP! It's a feeling you don't really get from anything else. It's like your kids again with dumb crushes on each other and it's magical

    • Yeah, I get the feelings from hkm when he's looks at me, but in upset at myself cause he probably hasn't got those feelings from me because I can't look him in the eye I'm so nervous :-( I will try though

    • Well that's good you're trying to be brave. If you feel comfterable about it try talking to him