I don't like him, but there is a problem... Need urgent advice!?

So a couple of months ago I thought a guy from my school is cute and we've talked a few times but he started telling me he doesn't like the fact that i discourage myself and that I have low self esteem because I am fat. So I got over him after a few days lol because I didn't find him attractive, not even his personality. And today he sent me a fb message ":*" and I said hello and he asked me what I was doing. I said I have a date with a poet lol ( actually it was a joke, because we have an exam simulation at our language tomorrow) and he said" that sucks. And I wanted to ask you to go out with me for a drink". And I said maybe some other time. But the thing is I really don't like him , but I've never had a bf (ok, one for 3 days and one in 5th grade) and I need to know that I will find someone else :(. One of my colleagues said I should go, but I don't want to :(. And my bff said to relax and that if I don't like him, it's ok, I don't have to go out with him, I will find someone else someday. What do you think? :( Also tomorrow at the exam he's in the same class with me and I don't want him to sit next to me or annoy me, because we are arranged by family name. I'm at P he's at N. What should I do? Will I find someone someday? Is it embarassing that I've never had a french kiss? And how do I let him down easily, because I don't think at least for the next 2-3 days of exams avoiding him will work...


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  • I think jf you're not interested in foing out with him... then DON'T. Follow your gut. Don't listen to other peoples BAD advice. Why put yourself in a situation that you will regret later. You don't like his personality, and you're not attracted to him. Then don't waste your time going out with him.

    Will you find someone else in the future? Of course! I put money on it. But I will say it is important that you work on your own self esteem issues so that in the future you will find someone equally as awesome as YOU.

    You obviously can't avoid seeing him in class, but you don't have to go out with him or be around him outside of the classroom.

    Good luck.

    • Well luckily we'll be in the same class only for the 2 days of exams. haha. But I know, I am working o my self-esteem. I want the next few months to focus only on myself, lose some weight, feel happy, not depressed, focus on studying for med school and after that when the summer comes maybe I'll find someone whom I actually like. And if not, I know or at least I hope in the next year I will like someone who will like me back. Thanky you so much for answering! Have a nice day.

    • You're welcome. Give us updates on your progress :)

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  • Just tell him you aren't interested in a relationship now but maybe the drink next time if you want ;). You will find that special someone someday OF COURSE. No its not embarrassing at all. the above advice. tell him that you want to focus on your exam


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  • You're definitely not too old to worry about not having a boyfriend. At this age you should do what you like and not worry about this. Anyway don't avoid him that would ruin a friendship before it even started. Who knows, maybe a few months down the road you might end up liking him!

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