What can I do once I've become the girl that won't go away?

We were good friends for about three months, then we crossed the line. Everything was still good and then suddenly wasn't. he said we should "take a break". I didn't understand and was sad and angry trying to understand. He ended up telling me to just move on. He was my best friend and I felt so lost. I would back away but then I guess try to stir up conversation. It's been 8 months now since it all hit the fan. Ran into each on occasion but nothing more than a hey was said sometimes not even that. I ask him now if I can ask him without being "that girl" if he wishes I'd never came along and why we aren't friends anymore or why I have to be scared to say hi? He said because I had become that girl and he doesn't know why I can't get over it.

Is there anything I can do? Is there a way to not be that girl and still regain the friendship? It's the friendship I want back not a serious relationship, I think that is what he thinks.


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  • The friendship is dead, and this is why you don't rub genitals with people who are your BEST friends. It rarely ends well. And you end up losing someone really important to you over something that could have easily been avoided.

    He's right, you're going to have to forget about him. And he's a bit of a dick for not at least trying to repair the friendship after the line was mutually crossed.

    IF he doesn't even want you as a friend, you shouldn't fight to get him back. He isn't worth it and you're never going to get back what you lost. Its over.

    My condolences to your loss. But you've learned a lesson. Good luck to you.

    • Yeah, I pretty much knew it would be end but hoped it wouldn't. Actually held off longer than he wanted to. I just feel like it's not really over.

      Thank you for your reply, it made me cry, not in bad way necessarily :)

    • No problem, I'm guilty of doing this myself. The friendship lost, wasn't worth the short romance lived. But often times, more wonderful people take their place, if we're lucky! Its not the end of the world.

  • you go away. do you really want to be friends w/ someone who doesn't value you the way you deserve? you have to hold your head up high and know that you can do better than accepting scraps. if he can't see how amazing you are then fuck him, he's the one w/ the problem

    • Thank you. I think I know this but actually realizing it is another step. Feel more broken than ever!

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