How do you know when you're officially 'together'?

What's the defining moment if he doesn't straight out asks you to be his girlfriend?

I'm new to relationships so if someone can help me out it would be great? Would it be the first time you kissed or held hands or meet his friends or?

How can I know that its official?


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  • mine didn't ask me. weve kissed a few times, held hands and stuff. but i didn't consider it official until we went out on a date together, alone, and did all those other couple stuff in public.
    or when he introduces me as his gf.

    or you can ask him. but he'll end up asking you back lol

    • I've been on several dates with him but we've not kissed or anything yet, so I guess i can't do it your way of knowing its official when we go out on a date together, alone.

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  • You have to ask. :) Just be like "Hey, so are we official or what?" Sometimes being direct is the best way to get it done.

  • I was in the same position once. I don't think there are any "defining moments" that tell you if you are official with someone or not. It's perfectly fine to just ask where you both stand in terms of the relationship. Sometimes you just have to be really direct!

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