Why won't any girls respond to my messages?

I'm on a dating site, have been for a long time, What I want to know is why don't any women respond to me when I ask to chat and get to know each other. I spend a good long while formulating detailed messages that aren't "one size fits all" and yet I never get a response? Why? Women complain that they get copy paste messages but mine are clearly unique and directed towards them. This is very frustrating especially when women say that they'll respond, yet never do

Please help


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  • There are a multitude of reasons why Women don't respond.

    1.) You aren't attractive enough
    2.) You haven't read their profile, or you have a low match %
    3.) Your personalized messages aren't good. (They're really stale/generic.)
    4.) They read your profile and don't like you.
    5.) You said something offensive
    6.) They have 1million messages and yours was simply passed up
    7.) They simply didn't want to.

    What makes online dating so complicated is the SEA of pieces of shit men that message women regularly. They ruin it for the decent men out there. When you constantly get messages like "jump on my dick" or "MMMM nice tits" 24/7 your patience and ability to give a fuck about sparing the feelings of others goes down to 0%

    I totally get that the constant rejection can be a bitch with online dating. However you guys don't understand the CONSTANT bullshit women have to go through attempting to online date. Even the guys you THINK are awesome and decent, turn into sex crazed, sexist assholes within a split second. It's impossible to give every guy who seems decent the time of day, when there are thousands of messages from guys like you everyday. It is exhausting, and you can't expect someone to spend all day replying to EVERY SINGLE message on a dating site.

    in my opinion to find out what you're doing wrong. Make a fake profile as a hot woman or above average woman and see what kind of replies you get from men. Put yourself in the woman's shoes, and see what responses you personally would take out the time to respond to.

    • Thanks for the feedback, yeah I understand that women probably get a lot of that, and I got to great lengths to try to separate myself from the assholes. I'll try some new things to spark more interest


    • No problem. I would also suggest you try to meet people in real life in conjunction with online dating. Try taking up classes of things you like, such as rock climbing, or join a drum circle. Sometimes simply socializing is a better way to meet prospective dates.

      Good luck to you!

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  • because either you don't know how to talk to girls or you don't have a good profile picture


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  • dude, stop wasting your time with online dating and take a trip to the supermarket, the mall, or join an activity at meetup. It will give you a helluva lot higher chances.

    • Haha. I think being on a dating site automatically put you on the 'do not bang list' for any decent looking girl (6+, maybe even a 5 iif you dont have game, which I suspect is the case with u).

      Dating sites strike at the very heart of Game in that it significantly lowers your pre-selection. Girl logic dictates that the guy shouldn't be actively looking because he already should be attractive to many girls. It should just happen, you shouldn't be actively looking. Get it? Got it? Good.

  • Most girls on those websites get up to 100 new messages PER DAY.

    They can't reply to all of them.

    So, how many do you have to send before you stand a decent chance of getting a reply?

    About 200 I would say.

    How many have you sent? 5?