Is it weird we're talking about babies and breastfeeding after our first date?

GUY: There's some case studies in psychology about kids raised in the wilds, most of them in Russia I think
they behave like animals and don't know how to speak etc
GIRL: but how on earth did they manage to end up amongst a pack of wolves without their parents etc? that's strange!
GUY: well, maybe the parents died or abandoned them in the woods or something
GIRL: hmm well that's bad parenting right there! sounds like something I'd do hahaha
GUY: You abandon your children? :P
GUY: Have you done it many times already? o_O
GIRL:Ah yeah plenty of times, I've abandoned about 12 of them so far. all under the age of 5 as well
GUY: Good job!
GIRL: I know, world's greatest mother I am haha :)
GUY: and you got the equipment to feed lotsa babies for sure
GIRL: haha. thanks? no babies will be using my 'equipment' though
GUY: why not?
GUY: and who then? :P
GIRL: Because I don't know if I like that idea and hmm... I don't know? Haha
GUY: Well breastfeeding is super important for the baby's future health and intelligence, also it helps to create an emotional bond between the mother and the child.
GUY: Some psychologists say that's when the child learns the basis for love <3
GUY: so I suggest you use your equipment!
GUY: I was breastfed for 2 and a half years, that's why I'm so awesome :P
GIRL: Well yeah I do like the idea of bonding with my baby like that if I ever have one but I'm still not sure! I do think breast feeding is a great thing and has so many health benefits. Wow that's a long time to be breast fed! Haha
GUY: Yup, things are weird and different in Sweden
GIRL: I would never breastfeed for that that long I'd have nothing left haha.

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when he's referring to 'equipment' he's talking about my breasts. He's never saw them, but he liked how they looked in the dress I wore when I met him.


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  • I find it weird that you have a long, almost stenographic transcript of your conversation with the dude, during the first date. The topic seems normal to me compared to that ;)


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What Guys Said 2

  • I would be freaked if she started talking about babies after a first date.

  • Making a big deal out something that isn't. it's just a topic of banter... big deal.


What Girls Said 2

  • I guess it's weird but there's not really anything wrong with talking about it either...

  • I think its a bit weird especially if its the first date.