Is an old friend into me? Or was it just a one night fling?

OK. So yesterday I gotta message on myspace to come see an old (haven't seen him in about a year) friend's new band play. I know he sends these to everyone, but I told him Id come since I hadn't been able to make his other shows. So I decided to go, and my mom came with (I know...bad move, but she is my best friend, and it was at a local restaurant she hadn't been to) So he played the song he knew I loved and watched me watch him as he sang it. So we talked a bit while he was taking a break and when he was done. He winked at me a few times while he was playing. So after the show, he and his friend ask us to go play pool. So I said id go, mom didn't want to. So I met them at the pool hall and my friend and I basically flirted all night. I agreed to take him home. I kinda stole his hat at the end of the night, and he ended up getting back as we were walking to my car, so I turned and tried and successfully grabbed his hat back, and he pulled me in and kissed me. So we got to his place, and before we ever got out of the car we were making out and playing around. We ended up going at it in my car. After he asked "so are you going to call me?" I asked him "are you going to call ME?" he said "no, your going to call me." so I said something along the lines of "because you guys never actually call back" we laughed and made out a bit more, then he headed up to his Apartment.

So I tried to text him today and I didn't get anything back from him. I messaged him on myspace when I got home last night, and I saw he read it but he didn't respond.

So I know this would normally mean that he isn't into me, and it was just a one night thing, but he made me promise to call or text him. So I'm just so confused. And I don't know what I should think. was it just a fling or should I give him the benefit of the doubt and not rule things out?


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  • Most probably just a one night fling.


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