How many dates does it take to know?

How many dates does it take to have the "talk"? How many dates does it take to know you want to be in a relationship with a girl?
How many dates does it take to know its getting serious.

I've been on 5 dates with a guy and he lives in another town, so is it serious?


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  • It depends. I definitely want more than just a few dates before I make the leap and ask a girl to be my girlfriend. I'd say a couple of months of seeing each other and really getting to know each other would be needed before I'd be ready for that step.

    As for knowing if it's getting serious, I'd say three dates or so is when I can start to see things having the potential to get serious.

  • It's starting to get serious.

    • But he doesn't really talk to me as much as he used to.. he doesn't contact me but likes my pictures on fcb at times and he doesn't snap me anymore I've noticed..
      the times we do talk i contacted him , its been 2 times and i asked him if he wanted to meet next time he is in town which is at the end of mars, and he said yes, i want to, and told me what date and said im staying longer so we can meet.
      But why isn't he contacting me often.. i dont know if he really is into me or not

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    • He got out of a 6 years relationship last year, and i understand if that is the reason, because he has said he likes me and hasn't shown anything negative towards me when we are together, but i mean he can still show me something..

    • So, he's taking it slow because of what he experienced before. Give him some time. He'll express himself.

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