He hugged me & rubbed my back?

I was at my boyfriend John's house... he lives on the family farm with his brother Ben (separate house from where his folks live). I got emotional because I missed my grandpa, who passed away a couple months ago. John hugged me & calmed me down. I went out to grab some water, saw Ben & got emotional again. He got up, came over & hugged me, rubbing my back. John came out of the bedroom & came by us too. I got sandwiched lol :) We separated & Ben asked his brother what was wrong & I told John to tell him. Then John picked me up & carried me back to bed lol Benny followed, still worried but I was alright...

You hug a girl & rub her back to comfort her?


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  • Are you asking if his brother likes you? If so, I think he was just trying to comfort you.


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  • Was there supposed to be a question there?

  • What... WHAT? What was this? What was even the question.


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