I can't really figure out whom to date, please advise?

So far, I have been in 2 difficult situations, where we weren't really in a relationship but i was running after the girl, and was too into her. I thought that I found what I want in a woman. and i was in the same kind of a situation 2 times. My friend told me that i was in a really bad shape, depressed, cause it completely didn't work for me, as she kind of ignored me. And now, I met 2 - 4 girls and dated a few. And kind can't see the difference between the girls at times, like all of them are the same and I that I don't know what i want now. Can you please advise on this situation, if anyone have been like that? thanks in advance. Do i need some time for myself?


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  • it sounds like you need more time with each of the girls to figure things out... and then maybe think about what you like in each of the,? but i don't know if i was one of those girls i wouldn't like to hear that you're seeing 3 other girls too. wouldn't be too happy.

    • i meant - not at the same time, i did compare the girls i dated through a few years.

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