Why would you ask someone if there looks has changed?

As mentioned above, why would someone ask you "has your look changed?" I just chatted online with an guy friend after a long time. Out of the blues he pops that question and I ask what he meant by it! He just replies never mind! Obviously my profile pic was visible to him. So why do you think he asked that? And guys, would you ever ask a question like that to a girl? Do you think it's appropriate?


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  • I'm always weary of guys who want to date a chick who looks good. I know that they are attracted to what they can see and those types of guys are perfectly capable of being sweet and caring, but i just don't go that way. he probably thought you were hot before and wants to know if you still are i guess.

    • Ya, I know what you mean! The thing about being hot is true though... He did say that to me before. would you found it rude though if a guyfriend you once was close too says that to you or innapropriate?

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